Process development

Samples and pilots trials to evaluate the performance for the industrial stage.

Preliminaries studies to adapt our machines to the process of the client.



Starting up of our equipment for an optimum working.

Training of the users of our equipment and of the maintenance staff.


Yearly Inspection

Preventative maintenance visits are commonly performed during a scheduled plant shutdown.

A Callebaut de blicquy field service engineer visits the customer’s facility to inspect the condition of all mechanical and electrical components of the machine.

Following the inspection, a report is sent to the customer for recordkeeping purposes.

If additional work is required, such as a repair or replacement of components, these recommendations are made as part of the preventative maintenance report that is issued to the customer.

We recommend this service to ensure optimum machine performance and this service extends the life of the equipment.



To secure a return of the machine, we prove that your machine is used in a optimum condition. An optimization of machines can regularly improve quality and productiveness. Our engineers are competent to perform these optimizations in partnership with the users.


After-Sales service

Callebaut de blicquy provides comprehensive after sales services for all of our autoclave


Refurbished Machines

We have regularly repackage autoclave, which we assure norms or service, and that we equip with the most recent equipment.

So renovated, these autoclaves give all criteria of performance, security and reliability which only constructors can certify for secondhand equipment.