The company

  • 1920

Birth of the company CALLEBAUT DE BLICQUY in Bruxelles, which is a constructor of wood and stainless tanks

  • 1967

Merger with the company CLERMONT BONTE de Roubaix and creation of CDB EUROP in order to confirm his international position

  • 1991

Repurchase of the company S.M.T.I and TEXINOX INDUSTRIE

  • 1993

Repurchase of the Belgium company SCHLUMPF & WILMS

  • 1994

Repurchase of the company BARRIQUAND, sector textile

  • 1997

Certification ISO 9001

Our values

The CALLEBAUT DE BLICQUY‘s vocation is to supply industrial products, adapted to the specific need of each one of its customers, with aim for a maximum efficiency.

Each one of our customers is unique .We will design and build its project or machine with a complete attention in order to answer to its specific conditions and need.

Very concerned by the planet’s requirement, the CALLEBAUT DE BLICQUY’s Company itself involved on the total environmental protection way. So, for you project we can design several solutions including partial or complete water’s recycling in order to preserve the resources.

The environment’s requirements are not a constraint but a Source for large savings.

Thanks our experience, we can assure you the lower production cost with a minimum effect on the environment.

Our credo: “When ecology have to rhyme with savings”.

We know very well this is not possible financially speaking to answer separately to each one of the ecological constraints; this is only thanks to global savings we will be able to associate Factory and Ecology.

Our study or machines enable reduction of pollution from the source, with a global production cost optimized.

Each one of our investigation or Research & Development is based on this theme.

Including Innovating concepts as:

  • DYEING or BLEACHING with very High Density.
  • OPTILAB : The complete Control of the production’s Process.

Few references throughout the world