Bleaching of cotton


The concept of the proposed line is based on two technologies developed by two French companies Callebaut de Blicquy (CdB) for bleaching vessel and associated loaded press Rousselet Robatel for continuous centrifuge Bleaching technology Cotton bleaching performed with kiers from … Continue reading

Process optimisation


To Face International Crisis & the Competition Increase, Dye plants have to : Reduce theirs production’s costs  (water / times / dyestuff / chemicals) Be Right First Time   (to respect delivery time  & improve productiveness) Improve the Quality of theirs … Continue reading

Hank Dyeing


Callebaut de Blicquy has developed a unique system that is already in use at many modern Dyehouse whereby loading and unloading of the hanks is done much more quickly  and involves less manual effort… See the movie

Dyeing of loose stock Fiber with very high density


A new concept A modern solution of Dyehouse for loose stock fibers with high density cake… See the Movie