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Callebaut de Blicquy specializes in dyeing and bleaching solutions for all kinds of fibers, yarns or textiles. From laboratory equipment to individual machines or complete lines.

Callebaut de Blicquy [CDB] was founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1920. The company was restructured several times until it became part of the Valtech group. In 2023 CDB established an operational partnership (on a technical and commercial level) with the company Cretes. Also part of the Valtech group, Cretes is a renowned manufacturer of machines for processing of natural fibers.

Already in 2021, CDB joined the Belgian VALTECH Group which has been active in custom projects and machine construction since 1968. All companies in the VALTECH Group have a specific field of work and specific expertise. Together, the group offers solutions tailored to customer needs.

In this new collaboration, CDB and CRETES combine their common assets; the know-how of CDB with the operational excellence of CRETES. Allowing even greater complexity to be managed in overall solutions. The close collaboration between the two companies ensures a real added value. The strategic decision improves business opportunities while maintaining a seamless service experience; all services and contacts remain unchanged for both CDB and CRETES. All projects are managed by CRETES (with the support of CDB), hence CDB by CRETES.

Customers from all over the world turn to us for turnkey installations that maximize efficiency, sustainability and safety. We specialize in solutions that reduce the amount of raw materials, water and energy used while maintaining peak productivity and quality. This all to achieve the lowest cost per kilo for any application, resulting in a rapid return on investment and a minimal impact on the environment. We have a wide range of customizable solutions and concepts to ensure the highest productivity.

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