About Valtech Group

The Valtech Group is a rapidly expanding organization of independent companies specializing in custom machine building, many of which are centered around textile handling, processing and automation. Together, the group of companies offers turnkey solutions to customers and prospects around the world with an emphasis on ecology, integrity and respect for employees.

Valtech Group

CDB as part of the Valtech Group

Valtech Group employs more than 450 people and is active internationally with projects and clients in more than 190 countries in Europe, Asia and the United States. Valtech machines are designed to maximize efficiency and to reduce costs, making your production more economically sustainable. We are committed to creating fully integrated solutions not only to produce the highest quality and consistency, but also to save time, energy and natural resources.

The Valtech Group has real added value for companies as CDB and its customers.
Frank Vandeputte & Peter Vandeputte
  • 100% family owned

  • Over 450 employees

  • Customized solutions