Degumming of hemp fibres

Degumming of natural fibres such as hemp is a discontinuous chemical treatment. It is a wet process that is performed with autoclaves. The CDB technology prepares the hemp fibres for an easier processing on a cottonization line.

Due to its modular design, the process can be altered to the specific needs and capacity of the customer.

Input: raw bales of decorticated hemp fibres

Output: rectangular bales of processed hemp fibres coming out of the dryer and containing a residual moisture content of around 8%.

Before degumming, the hemp fibres needs to be decorticated. Please have a look at the website of Cretes. With many years of experience and multiple processing facilities worldwide, Cretes is able to supply a complete and fully automated system for the preparation of the fibres as well as the cleaning of the shives/hurd and the dust extraction.

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