Hanks dyeing

CDB offers complete processing lines for washing, dyeing and drying of large and small hanks. Capacities available go from lab-scale batches of 3kg up to high volumes of 5000kg per batch. Customized solutions are possible to meet your specific needs.


Before the dyeing process, any remaining grease, dirt, sweat, or other impurities need to be removed from the hanks. This is obtained by washing, cleaning and rinsing. An operator places the hanks onto the infeed conveyor where they move into the washing line. At the end of the washing line, operators take off the hanks and place them directly onto a stick and into a box. These modular boxes are now ready to proceed to the dyeing process.


Dyeing of yarn in hanks results in a superior colour penetration and gives a softer feel of the yarns after dyeing. This technology is ideal for the carpet industry. CDB technology works with boxes filled with sticks on which the hanks are suspended. These sticks can handle up to 10 or 15 kg.

With the CDB technology, hanks can be loaded into the boxes at an easily accessible height. Multipe boxes can be prepared at the end of the washing process and moved afterwards with a fork lift towards the dyeing area. In the dyehouse the boxes are picked up by the cover plate of the dyeing vessel. With an overhead crane this cover is then moved towards the dyeing vessel in one go. High capacity loading is obtained in a safe and easy way. The hanks are lifted above the dyeing vessel and lowered into the vessel in a matter of minutes.

The hanks are heated from the bottom and the liquor flow is from the bottom upwards through the hanks. Dyeing batches can go up to 5000kg and this technology is especially suited for dyeing of jumbo hanks (of 3 to 5 kg). Using less water, less chemicals, less steams, etc. results in a lower dyeing cost. And there is the additionnal advantage of a higher homogeneity and thus a better quality. After the dyeing process, the hanks can be lifted out of the vessel in one operation. Lifting and removing of the cover is the final step. Now the hanks are dyed and ready for the next step, the dewatering.


In the dewatering area, an operator takes out the hanks from the boxes and places them in a container with net. Followingly the net can be lifted from the container and placed in a centrifuge or hydro-extractor. Once centrifuged, the net is lifted out and moved towards the dryer. The hanks are then placed on reels that pass through a dryer. At the exit of the dryer, operators remove them from the reels. The hanks are now ready to be transferred onto bobbins.

CDB is able to provide you with all equipment from the laboratory equipment until the complete washing, dyeing and drying process.

Check out also our video on hanks deying.

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